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Which area is best to buy plot in Hyderabad?

  • Maheshwaram is a growing domestic area in the southern part of Hyderabad.
  • Shamirpet- Positioned in the northern part of Hyderabad, Shamirpet is a developing domestic cum marketable mecca.
  • Shadnagar is a city in Southern Hyderabad, located at a distance of roughly 50Km from Hyderabad megacity
  • Yadagirigutta is a unique and affable place that enjoys a harmonious climate in all seasons

Best Investment Plots in Hyderabad

For those who are interested in buying plots, take a look at these 4 places which have low-cost open plots for sale in Hyderabad with potential for high appreciation Telangana is coming back strong in the real estate sector after it had a slowdown due to the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh. Looking for prices of plots? Take a look at these four places in Hyderabad, where you can purchase plots with potential for high appreciation

Price and Area The price of plots in Maheshwaram starts at Rupees 5 Lakhs and goes up to 30 Lakhs

Area:  The area of plots in Maheshwaram is between 450 - 4000 square feet

Plot for Sale in Maheshwaram is a suburb of Hyderabad, situated 22 km south east. The district of Ranga Reddy includes Maheshwaram, which houses the highest supply of plots in the city. Tatas Aerospace SEZ is also located here.It is suggested that the development of Maheshwaram into an IT hub will certainly produce good ROI with investments being made by leading companies like TCS, Google and Cognizant.The locality is doing well in the early stages of development and various advantages, like the close proximity to the airport and connectivity to the city with help from the outer ring road, should help it attract several investors.

Price and Area The price of plots in Shamirpet is anywhere between Rupees 5 Lakhs to 30 Lakhs.

Area: The area of plots in Shamirpet is between 1200 - 3500 square feet.

Shamirpet is a suburb of Hyderabad city, the state headquarters of Medchal and Malkajgiri, Farm land for sale in hyderabad it is located in Telangana. Along with being a revenue village panchayat, it is also home to Shamirpet mandal. The Rajiv Gandhi International airport is located in Shamshabad and has played a huge role in making the area very popular with plot investors. The airport occupies over 5400 acres of land, providing more than enough space for many new establishments. Investors are hopeful that recent developments will lead to significant growth and give this region an economic boost.This area has good connectivity to the city thanks to the outer ring road and has regular bus services so you can get to Hyderabad.

Price and Area Price of plots in Shadnagar is anywhere between Rupees 3 to 20 Lakhs

Area: The area of plots in Shadnagar is between 1000 - 4300 square feet.

Shadnagar is located in Ranga Reddy district, Telangana and is 50km away from the center of Hyderabad. Its location on NH7 makes it a perfect stopover while traveling to or from airports in the area. plots for sale in shadnagar is well connected with a railway station and a plethora of buses going to Hyderabad. The NH7 has done a great job in connecting Shadnagar to other major cities like Bangalore, Mumbai and Vijayawada. The high residential plots supply has attracted investors from across the state to invest in Shadnagar

Price and Area The price of plots in Yadagirigutta is anywhere between Rupees 2 to 17 Lakhs

Area: The area of plots in Yadagirigutta is between 1400 - 3700 square feet.

Yadagirigutta is a state in India and this particular settlement called Yadagirigutta is located 64 km east of Hyderabad. Investors have taken notice of the city owing to its recent development. The state has allocated up to Rupees 100 Crore to help develop Yadagirigutta . A villa plots in hyderabad pooling scheme for the Telangana state was also proposed by the Government of Telangana. This will help increase local property values along the Warangal-Vijayawada Highway.